A thought on International Women’s Day

A thought on International Women’s Day 1196 855 GATE - Gender Awareness and Transformation for Equality

There are situations that make us feel uncomfortable. There are realities that hurt us. There is violence that we can no longer accept. Our project arises from the decision to work together on those inequalities that we cannot tolerate anymore. March 8th is a day of women’s struggle for their rights.

Today we embrace this struggle that has never ceased, that has become stronger and has united women around the world in the construction of a fairer world free of violence. Women´s rights are violated in multiple ways, they work more, earn less and have fewer options; they suffer multiple forms of violence in private and in public spaces. We cannot allow that a friend, a sister, a daughter doesnot come home anymore. We cannot ignore so much unjustified pain.

We need to build new forms of life, new structures – even if they are small-, new ways of relating to each other. We must work on alternatives to this unequal society which excludes and marginalizes. Today, we reaffirm our conviction and our commitment inspired by the struggles of all women – of those who take it to the streets (like in our foto taken in Madrid last women’s day), and those who resist invisibly. Let´s create change!