Gender Awareness and
Transformation for Equality

Our worldwide gender equality gap is still unlikely to be filled in 99.5 years. That means, none of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children.
We have to continue the work towards gender equality, and do it now!

GATE process is an innovation project that aims for raising awareness and creating transformation towards gender equality with a focus on youth. Being one of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, we want to foster gender equality by working on two different levels:

GATE LGBTQIA+ purpose a new part of the project to advance GENDER EQUALITY, with a focus on preventing gender-based violence against LGBTQIA+ people.

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Our latest news

GATE Athens Youth Training & Meeting 1856 1271 GATE - Gender Awareness and Transformation for Equality

GATE Athens Youth Training & Meeting

In April our team met in Athens for a 2-day collaborative workshop together with local youth organisations from the GATE countries, bringing together young people from Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. During these two days we explored the GATE process for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in youth organisations and put the tools we have been working on…

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