WEBINAR: Challenging the gender binary

WEBINAR: Challenging the gender binary 2560 1707 GATE - Gender Awareness and Transformation for Equality

20th of December

Today, we had the great chance to take part in a webinar from indig communication. The Italian association helps organizations and individuals to communicate in an inclusive and accessible way.

After refreshing our knowledge on gender terms, such as sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, transgender, sexual orientation etc., Carola and Nicolò gave us some useful tips on how to include transgender people in our language and in our activities with youth.

As we are all socialized in a binary world, it is important to challenge our language and communication and to include all gender identities.

Let’s help to make trans, non-binary, gender-fluid and gender-queer people visible in our everyday conversations and include them by introducing our pronouns and asking other people for theirs.

The numbers of suicide attempts by trans and non-binary people are reduced by half when people in their environment respect and use the pronouns they go by.

We should express our allyship in everyday life by helping to create a safe space for people with gender identities beyond the binary system.

Try to think of the main challenges trans people face everyday in our society. It might help you to become more aware of their daily struggles…

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