How we “kicked-off” digitally

How we “kicked-off” digitally 1619 793 GATE - Gender Awareness and Transformation for Equality

24th-26th November 2020:

After celebrating our project confirmation, “real work” was waiting for us. Therefore, we planned a kick-off meeting to organize tasks and structure our cooperation process and, of cause, to get to know each other. But: How can we meet in those crazy times of COVID-19? How can we work together, share experiences and create safe spaces without knowing each other?

Well, digital formats like Zoom and Conceptboard can’t replace the pleasure of a personal meeting in a nice conference space in Southern Europe, but at least we were able to see each others faces, start a creative brainstroming and collect good results in a same virtual plattform:

(A little summary of our 3 virtual project kick off)

We met for 3,5 hours for 24th to 26th of November. Afterwards our brains were tired, but our motivation was higher than before. Because YES, we structured our next steps and created a safe space for everyone to share first experiences with gender inequality. And YES, we got to know each other a little bit thanks to little warm-ups and digital ice-breakers. And although we haven’t agreed on a final project name yet – we all know: Rome wasn’t built in a day;) – everyone was glad to be part of this digital project start. Our collaborative journey has begun!