WEBINAR: Presentation of our materials

WEBINAR: Presentation of our materials 1080 1080 GATE - Gender Awareness and Transformation for Equality

We are at the end of this first part of the project, and as we continue to upload the final documents to our website, we would like to invite you to this webinar online, to share the results of the GATE process.

Wednesday 29th June from 10:30h to 12:30h18h00

We will be presenting the 2 main results:

  • A GUIDE FOR ORGANIZATIONS, which offers a process to understand gender dynamics in organizations, and ytransform them towards gender equality.
  • A SET OF CARDS, which propose practical and creative activities you can do with your friends, group, class, family, etc! They touch different topics related to gender in a simple way, such as Identity, Relationships and Body.

    And we will present all the supporting materials and resources that we created for making this GATE process into Gender Equality a useful and practical tool for organizations, youth and any person who would like to dive deeper into this important topic!

The project is supported by

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