Our new GENDER AND YOUTH project is born!

Our new GENDER AND YOUTH project is born! 1 1 GATE - Gender Awareness and Transformation for Equality

2nd November 2020:

What do you need to give birth not to a human being, but to a project idea?

Sure, you need people who were pregnant with a good idea. You need to set up a comfortable home for its growth. You need sustainability to feed the idea… And what about deciding for a name!? Well, step by step!

We are glad to welcome our new Gender and Youth project in this world. We are three coordinating organizations from Spain (Altekio, Madrid), Italy (Xena, Padova) and Germany (Social Impact, Berlin) as well as three local associations in each city. During the last months we developed our project idea, wrote a long proposal to Erasmus+, set up the project framework and waited…and waited…for the final project confirmation to make our idea come true. And yes, we got it!

Ok, we still think about a good project name, but it might be ok to take a longer look at our newborn project idea to decide on its final name 😉 Meanwhile, we are happy to present the content of our project idea to you:

For the next 20 months, we aim to raise awareness for gender equality, especially addressing youth, as well as speed up the transformation towards more gender equal workspaces. 


We start a collaborative process in January 2021. We are going to work with our different local associations to uncover gender related inequalities, gather best-practice examples and work on solutions for a more inclusive organizational culture. At the end of our 8-months innovation process, we create a methodological guide for the transition of organizations towards gender equality.

In our second project phase, we develop an innovative toolbox to support young people to understand the impact of gender differences in the social context of power and discrimination. Starting in September 2021, we design and implement workshops for youth workers and develop innovative methods to promote gender awareness.


Because we are convinced that we don’t want to wait another 100 years until we see gender parity in our world! Working with organizations and promoting educational tools will help to accelerate the transformation toward more gender equality.