WEBINAR: Gender-based violence

WEBINAR: Gender-based violence 2560 1707 GATE - Gender Awareness and Transformation for Equality

As we dive deep into this important topic, we realize that it is such a huge and deep issue, that is the base of the patriarchal system, and that we need a lot of education and awareness to visibilize it and to transform it in our daily life.

Altekio, our partner from Spain, gave us this webinar on violence and gender issues, and explained how this unequal system uses violence in all forms (from terrible actions like murders or rapes, to small microagressions like jokes and commets) to keep this difference between genders.

We shared in which way we can live violence in our organizations. And we also dove into what can we do to aoid these violences, such as having a protocol, and for sure creating awareness and education on this important topic.

We also worked with the PYRAMID OF VIOLENCE; a very useful tool to understand whicha are all the different violences we can live, and how the base of this pyramid, which are the microagressions, are juts perpetuating, feeding and promoting bigger acts of violence.

Please, download our infographic PYRAMID OF VIOLENCE, in our website for free!

Big thanks to everybody that joined this webinar with GATE process!