The purpose of this new part of the project is to advance GENDER EQUALITY, with a focus on preventing gender-based violence against LGBTQIA+ people.

The initiative aims to support the cultural and social transformation  necessary to acknowledge gender diversity on two levels:


Collaborating with institutions and organizations associated with youth to raise awareness of LGBTQIA+ and GBV issues in these structures and to promote change in the contexts that youth, and LGBTQIA+ youth in particular.

2) YOUTH level

To equip and empower young people to be ACTIVE CHANGEMAKERS in their societies and organisations through creative, dynamic and participatory methodologies, enabling them to speak up about their own needs and demands on gender problems, particularly those pertaining to LGBTQIA+ concerns.

GATE LGBTQIA+ is an international project involving Altekio (Spain), Xena (Italy), Orlando (Greece), Altekio Association (Switzerland), financed by European public funds (Erasmus+ and Movetia).

What are our objectives ?

> Promote LGBTQIA+ inclusive education in both organisations and youth settings.
> Transform (youth) organisations towards non-patriarchal practices
> Involve young people as active agents of gender equality.

What results do we expect ?

> Acquire new skills and create innovative and effective tools to implement change in organisations and individuals.

> Developing a critical attitude

> Generate close professional links between the participating entities and contribute to generating synergies between young people and activists from the different countries involved.